So, as I write this post in a honeymoon suite with just myself. My Girlfriend some 2064 miles away (so says the almighty Google Maps), sipping champagne, having just wrapped up a long conversation with a dear friend of mine (who is taking bets on the duration and state of my relationship with my girlfriend).. I have to wonder. Where is my life going?

I don't mean this in a flippant way, nor is it meant to be a sarcastic jest at the seeming opulence I am currently indulging. Its just, my friend amber has raised some good issues. Some I can easily answer (internally and externally).. Others I am still struggling to do. I wonder about a lot of things.. The longevity of my relationship with this wonderful person I call my girlfriend. The state of my friends and how this new dynamic will effect things. My job.. Her willingness to be with someone like me. (LONG story there), her fortitude in dealing with the enivitable issues (her family, etc...) that are looming on the horizon. etc...

I would like to think that is pretty simple, and that my own self-doubts, doubts and concerns, and others are merely fear, and that they will dissolve over time, but I really can't say that. Can any of this be wished away under the premise of "we just make it harder than it is!"?

Oh well, I suspect the champange (not even the good stuff, but hey....) is getting to me (tend be more introspective when drinking). Bed time for Bonzo.

Oh wait.. Darn, work to do.. (reports, etc..).


starbender said...

how lonly 2 sit in the honeymoon suite with just u'rself.
(Hell of a way 2 travel, though!)

The Shadow said...

I never claimed to have it completely rough. Like most people, I want it all and grouse a bit when I don't get it all.