Ms. Numbers gets done..

Well.. Ms. Numbers was done up real good while we were on holiday in Jamaica by a local lady. Who knew she swings that way.. I guess after 6 years of marriage you still learn some things about your partner.  But I can't argue with the results... her pedicure came out better than expected for the money.

Why.. what were you thinking?

Lets all have a good welcome for the latest edition to the Shadow family

Lets say hello to Mr. Di-Di "the tongue".

One of the best puppies from here to whatever planet you happen to hail from.

He is our guardian against the forces of fluffies.

Another shot of our holiday from the Shadow and Ms. Numbers

Had a well deserved drink and pcked up some very good information on local food and grooming places as well as where the locals go to relax in Jamaica. Usually good to ask the locals information rather the hotel/hostal.  Its not a guarantee but its better than nothing.

Note folks.. whwn you have the chance to rent a car vs. Taxi or tour.. always go for the car.. its riskier but way more fun and educational.

Well, its been a while and lots of new things to share..

New house, new location, new job, new pup.. same wife.. *smile*..

The pups own the house but don't pay the bills leaving Ms. Numbers and my humble self to pay the bills.

Here is a shot of the wife doing her best Samsung model showcasing Jamaica and her phone.  Ahh the life of a hard worker.. *grin*, but its a working vacation. Anyway.. Ms. Numbers loves the just like me.. but rarely gets in (except for showers and when I toss her overboard)


Since everyone has asked..

This is a picture of yours truly.. the wife insisted that this was taken..


The wonder pup playing about..

video I am proud to say, our dog is quite a playful one, even when other dogs look at him like he is nuts. *grin*

This was taken in Mendicino, CA as well.

A quick little shot of Mendicino, CA

The "family" near Mendicino, CA..

Notice the pup?.. He's happy.. trust me.


Puppy Captions..

 Its Monday...
I'm cold and tired, and you want ME to do what?

You have got to be joking!
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Egg thief!!!

As you can see, the criminal punishment for stealing eggs in Malta is quite severe. The accused must bow down in an egg coloured robe and apologize to the person she stole the egg from. This form of public humiliation works quite well here on this small island where everyone knows almost everyone else. People will watch carefully their breakfast around this one.

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Once more into the breach!!

Live finds me once again on another crappy flight, winging my way towards someplace (in this case Oakland) on a night flight from Kansas.

I do wonder about the people near and around me. What brought them on this flight or to this location?

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Sydney Harbour Dragon Boat Races

Ahhh.. I wish I could have joined.. (and given that almost anyone can join up, I could have.. but well.. this cramp.. yeah.. the cramp.. and the pain in the leg... ohh. and the wine I had last night. Umm. yeah.. I wish I could have joined.. but alas.. it was not ment to be.
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Greetings from Sydney

Welcome to Sydney.

This boys and girls is why I do love travel. Ahhh the joys of work, travel, adventure, sipping a wonderful glass of wine while fighting the day's battles. The only thing more perfect if the misses were here.

Next Time... Definately Next Time
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Australian Navy Ship

Yes folks, the HMS Endevor still proudly serves the Australian Navy. Nuclear powered she is not, but still dangerious regardless. I think even with my meager engineering skills, I can help improve the lot here.
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The Sydney Bridge Walk '08 Part 2

For you people who doubt me.. see.. I'm the one waving second person from the far left.
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The Hotel in Sydney

This is why you do NOT let the Bean Counters at work choose the hotel accomodations.
Upside: Nice view.
Downside: Drafty, A little damp, and the ride to and from is not a simple deal. Thank Goodness for Water Taxies.
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Sydney Bridge Walk '08 Part 1

If you look carefully, I'm the third guy on the left. Go on.... Squint if you have to..

It was a terriffic if somewhat frightening climb.. but well worth the money.. (still 150 AUD is not a cheap ticket. Next time, I'll just get the postcard).

A note to the next person: Beer helps, and the more beer you have, the easier the climb is on the nerves. (for medicinal purposes ONLY)
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