Flights of Fancy

Well, I am on my way back from Chicago (work). It’s been a fun trip. Visited some nice places (mostly lounges given the time I left my client location each night. on my last trip t Chicago, it was a gay fest like you would not believe (being hit on.. so get your minds out of the gutter) This time around, people were more attempting to ignore me.. I have no idea why, I haven't killed anyone yet, I don't smell, and I rarely kick kittens or curse loudly.. I repeat.. why?).

Anyway, not much really to say other than its going to be a hectic few weeks. Trying to move, Visit my GF, work, going back to school (Chinese and my MBA) working on some private items, and one wedding to go to (giving another speech.. Wedding number 224). (sorry, got distracted) As I write this, a very cute girl has passed by.. no comparison to what I have, but cute none the less. Oh well, its time for the plane to take off. Please explain how to move, visit the GF, work, and travel at the same time?

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