As the Title Goes, Random Musings..

Again, on a flight.. This time to Seattle, and then on to Maui. Sometimes I love my life. (sitting back, sipping a Vodka and Club soda, Odition. The only thing that would make it perfect is if I was in first class.. (yes, I am a snob.. so sue me). But suffice to say, its not all sunshine and roses, as I am also working (producing documents that I will need starting next week). I am just dreading next week. two on-site flight assignments, cleaning at night, school during the weekend, and all the while, paperwork, etc...

But enough bitching. I checked out the Slingbox, and let me tell you squirrels and Girls.. It Rocks. I'm currently using it on my Friend cable/sat in NYC, Japan, China, and Costa Rica. It TOTALLY rocks. I get all my favourite channels from Japan, China, and NYC anywhere I have an internet connection. Some notes though.. If your upload site does not have a consistent speed.. say 300K or more, don't bother.. it looks like garbage. You can hear things, but the video is crappy.. (Windows Media SUCKS!!!!!.. they should have used H.264 and this comes from a former cable engineer.. but oh well, they tell the lies that make them happy. (not being able to pay the MPEG group indeed.. please, if there is one thing EVERYONE makes clear.. its who you pay to use their property. Everything else may be blurry.. but NEVEr that).
Also, as a note, the Creative Muvo2FM is good.. but not that good. Yes, I know I will get lots of bashing from the iPod crowd, and others.. and most likely an equal share from those that love the Muvo2FM.. But it just doesn't work well. Yes.. you can record radio, yes, its small'ish.. and all the other well known specs. But the simple answer is, after trying a LOT of mp3 players (all of the RIO series, the iPods, Gigabeat, CutI, HannoPlayer, and lot of others, I can honestly say that the iPod has the best interface. If it only had a radio.. Apple, do you hear me.. a RADIO!!! It would make my life so much better to be able to hear NPR when I am walking around. I will post the info about her later.

Oh, I have to say.. Odition is a great film, it has one of the hottest actresses in my opinion (shut up peanut gallery), but it is also one of the most disturbing movies I've seen in a long time as well. (Will definitely make me think twice about dating.. and I'm not that keen on dating in general).

Anyway... enough of this, I will be in Seattle soon, and I need some sleep (its going to be a long weekend, and my first not being in Japan in about 10 years.. It feels weird)
Ciao for now, have a great new year!. (Don't drink too much, and remember, I have a camera.. *evil grin*

Flights of Fancy

Well, I am on my way back from Chicago (work). It’s been a fun trip. Visited some nice places (mostly lounges given the time I left my client location each night. on my last trip t Chicago, it was a gay fest like you would not believe (being hit on.. so get your minds out of the gutter) This time around, people were more attempting to ignore me.. I have no idea why, I haven't killed anyone yet, I don't smell, and I rarely kick kittens or curse loudly.. I repeat.. why?).

Anyway, not much really to say other than its going to be a hectic few weeks. Trying to move, Visit my GF, work, going back to school (Chinese and my MBA) working on some private items, and one wedding to go to (giving another speech.. Wedding number 224). (sorry, got distracted) As I write this, a very cute girl has passed by.. no comparison to what I have, but cute none the less. Oh well, its time for the plane to take off. Please explain how to move, visit the GF, work, and travel at the same time?



So, as I write this post in a honeymoon suite with just myself. My Girlfriend some 2064 miles away (so says the almighty Google Maps), sipping champagne, having just wrapped up a long conversation with a dear friend of mine (who is taking bets on the duration and state of my relationship with my girlfriend).. I have to wonder. Where is my life going?

I don't mean this in a flippant way, nor is it meant to be a sarcastic jest at the seeming opulence I am currently indulging. Its just, my friend amber has raised some good issues. Some I can easily answer (internally and externally).. Others I am still struggling to do. I wonder about a lot of things.. The longevity of my relationship with this wonderful person I call my girlfriend. The state of my friends and how this new dynamic will effect things. My job.. Her willingness to be with someone like me. (LONG story there), her fortitude in dealing with the enivitable issues (her family, etc...) that are looming on the horizon. etc...

I would like to think that is pretty simple, and that my own self-doubts, doubts and concerns, and others are merely fear, and that they will dissolve over time, but I really can't say that. Can any of this be wished away under the premise of "we just make it harder than it is!"?

Oh well, I suspect the champange (not even the good stuff, but hey....) is getting to me (tend be more introspective when drinking). Bed time for Bonzo.

Oh wait.. Darn, work to do.. (reports, etc..).



As much as I do love this person, and I do.. (nutty huh?), I have to say that she does make me confused at times.

I know I am in the wrong.. (getting drunk at the company xmas party and not calling her after I left).. but I don't think she should be as upset as she was.


Its been confirmed

Yup.. definately mad at me.

Hard at work

As this is pretty much the first entry, I won't say much other than its been a interesting day so far (and its only 10:40am right now).

Woke up at 6am (after a hard night drinking at the company xmas party), got dressed, prayed that I don't die from the monster of a hangover (thank goodness I recover quickly) to be ready for a remote work.

I believe I annoyed my girlfriend because she just called me.. (not "mad" per say.. but certainly annoyed).

Oh well.. another wrinkle in life of the Shadow.