Time and the Evil that Men Do

Well, this time I find myself in the den of the damned, that bastion of the boastful, that castle of crap, that haunt of hate, the empire of evil.. Microsoft.. *run children... Run...*
(meaing, for now, I am Seattle/Redmond)

I do wonder about a firm that actually has the words "Evangelize" as part of their program. I get the fever.. and I even understand it to some degree so its not completely alien to me. But this notion of embrace, envelop, and destroy makes me think things are no good... No dear reader, it will not be skynet that does us in... Terminator was a wuss. It will be a bald man with a fevered pitch, and a short man in glasses that does us in.

I don't recall a single story in the realm of fiction (all speculation about the future are by definition fiction) in which an umbrella corporation (those all encompassing firms that have their tentacles in every aspect of our daily lives.. (sound familiar?) have are up to good.. Oh, their utopian ideas and notions of the betterment of man are pitched and believed.. but along the way, things go wonky and some nut job with a power trip and one too few toys decides we (the little people) don't know how to live.. and snap...

Between Orwellian prophecy getting frighteningly real (government spying on EVERYONE under the guise of "protection") freedoms being eroded faster than you can say P.A.T.R.I.O.T. II Act, education and knowledge being shunned and even ridiculed, and with a monolithic empire (and yes, I do use the word for a specific reason) covering everything else.

So I ask.. what is a boy to do. Nature says Run.. run far, run fast, and hide. But the reality is.. where?.. running around in a circle just makes you a target. Stopping makes you a target. and sadly it seems that running itself makes you a target.

Oh well..... Perhaps I can catch a ride with those dolphins that are leaving.

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